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Welcome to our Lands

Our Desert Tracks Tour offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet Pitjantjatjara people and learn from our culture and traditions. Information shared with you by us during a tour is not intended for publication or for professional use. For that reason, if you have a professional interest in our Pitjantjatjara culture, that interest must be declared prior to commencing your visit. If our Regional Council agrees to your purpose and Agreement will be prepared. Please note that it takes at least two months to finalise any such agreements. General conditions re. The recording of information is that photography is allowed only with the agreement of our Elders, confirmed via your Desert Tracks' Guide.

We Aim to Educate people into our oral tradition of retaining and transmitting knowledge, and to experience our environment, culture and people directly, and to take home wonderful memories enlivened by some special photographs.

If you are printing and faxing or posting this booking form, please sign to indicate that you understand and are prepared to abide by the above conditions

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