"Ka ngayula kuwari alatji wangkanyi nganampa ngura ngangatja.

Kulila, nganana tjukurtja tjunkunytja iriti ngura nganampa winki Australiala winki tjukuritja tjunkunytja - kulila!"

"I am speaking to you now, this is our land.

Listen to us, our Dreaming Creation Law was buried deep in this land from the beginning, all over Australia our sacred Law was laid down - Listen!"

*Order of Australia


"We walk together on sacred ground
Black feet,
White feet,
footprints soft upon the land
The Tjukurpa moves beneath our feet.
The landscape is alive.
Anangu guides and white guides, working together.
We stand firm in our laws of two cultures, Keeping the cultural and natural heritage strong.
Our feet on sacred ground.
Our hands reach up to hold the new circle of life.
The campfire, the waterhole, where people of all cultures can meet and share..

Written by: Diana James©.
Reproduced by permission


Desert Tracks is wholly owned and operated by the Pitjantjatjatjara People of Central Australia.

Established in 1988 as a cross-cultural tour to the homeland of Angatja, Nganyinytja's country.

The tours have since expanded to encompass several other homeland destinations.

Private Charters and Group Tours to suit are available.

The Company is now run by a broadly based Aboriginal Corporation -" Pukulpa Tjunguringkunytja " - Happily working together.

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